About me

As a fellow therapist and experienced business mentor, I bring a blend of person-centred perspectives to (what can be) a cold and difficult environment.

I am a successful Counsellor and supervisor [and as I write this I notice a squirm in my tummy 😉 ]

I understand and manage the tensions between my clinical practice and my business world with compassion, professionalism and humour.

This means that I can offer an ethical, professional service to my clients whilst achieving my personal and economic wellbeing.

With more than 20 years’ experience of running successful businesses, and mentoring hundreds of established and start-up businesses, I have made and seen many of the mistakes that can make working for ourselves such a burden that we struggle with the parts of the job we like – helping our clients.

My business is based on my experiences and will mean that you do not need to make these mistakes, and if you have, possible solutions are to hand.

Please call 01258 577570 or email alison@abundanttherapycoach.co.uk