Are you Ready to start in Private Practice – 3

Ok, I’m qualified – how do I know I’m ready for Private Practice?

Who’s in your therapy team?

 The guidance given by training bodies is often vague – for example, it may say with sufficient experience you can also begin working as independent practitioners in private practice.

What is sufficient experience – and how do we get it.

Over the years I’ve worked with many therapists who are starting up in private practice. And I’ve identified 4 elements to ‘sufficient experience’ and perhaps they weren’t the obvious ones.

I believe that if you have the 4 elements in place, you can start ethically and safely in private practice.

Element 3 – who’s in your therapy team?

As counsellors in Private Practice we will work alone in the therapy room – and in our PP, who else do we have alongside?

Friends, family, professional support. . . . . . . . .

We seem to expect ourselves to just be able to do private practice– if we’ve had a similar business – great. And the rest of us seem to think we should know how to do it . . . .

I see myself in this – I had so many blindspots with my business and yet I was a business advisor.

I think it’s important to have as a mentor someone further along the road than me. I always have a coach or mentor.

From my realisation when starting my business that some Business Start-Up training might be useful (it was brilliant) and hooking up with my mentor. Through specialist support – Selling with Heart or FaceBook Ads – I have people in my team. Some more or less permanent, others for specific tasks. Liz, the Listening Accountant, is one of the permanent ones.

Once we are clinically ready, have completed our training, then it’s about learning/being in business.

To be in business we need to invest a balance of time and effort and money. We can invest in others to help us – or spend time learning ourselves.

When I began, I had time (ish) and no money, and I found the information and support I needed – eventually. I was often exhausted and confused and frustrated.

If you’re ready to start your private practice who is in your team?

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