Autumn Equinox & Therapists

Since training as a therapist I’ve found being aware of the earth’s movement particularly grounding for me.

This year, for me, more than any other, I have found noticing the progression of the seasons to be so very soothing in light of so much out of my control.

I use the natural world’s markers – solstices and equinox – to mark my therapy practice phases too.

At each one I review my business – what’s gone well and what I could do differently. Which helps me keep focussed on my practice vision.

I have a little review-fest every 3 months – I set myself up in the garden, or wherever I can have peace, and I reflect on my journey over the last months and let my mind wander through the next ones.


I am often humbled by the ideas and answers that come to me during these spaces – this year I have found the time to be richly rewarding, rejuvenating and nourishing. 

So that I am clear on what I need to be doing – simply and confidently – to achieve success.


We can be so busy doing private practice we can lose sight of the power a different perspective brings – this Autumn Equinox I invite you to grab the pdf Template and refresh your therapy business!


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