Finance Friday 20th March 2020

Happy First-day of SpringGeneral

Contact your bank

Review your expenses – can any be stopped for a while – subscriptions you don’t need right now. I’ve asked for a council tax ‘holiday’.

Talk to Landlord or mortgage company.

Self employed therapists, working from home:

eligible for contributory Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

Working in their own business premises

Increasing the proposed £3,000 cash grant to 700,000 small businesses (those eligible for Small Business Rate Relief) to a £10,000 cash grant – this will be communicated to those business by their Local Authority (Council) in April.

Government will make loans available

Details not available yet – likely to be low/no interest rates

Business continuity

Keep promoting yourself – give information via your business FB page or website/blog.

When clients make the decision to invest in therapy, you will be in their awareness as a trusted, consistent, professional.

Normal for now

It’s really difficult not to keep scanning for information – believe me, I know. It contributes to our anxiety and in my case, inability to think straight, choose, say, 3 sources only.

Be safe, and please do reach out to me, if you need help.

 Useful links:

Federation of Small Businesses Twitter: @fsb_policy

Picture of my problems two week’s ago – waiting for cows to cross the road

Warm wishes,


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