Now’s the time to Mrs Hinch your therapy business

Do you feel you’ve been over Niagara Falls in a barrel over the last few weeks?
I like physical metaphors for life – I like the power of a river to rejuvenate when the conditions are right – when it comes to softer rock and can cut through to create a spectacular waterfall.
And, until the waterfall, the river might have been meandering slowly along – no real sense of direction of purpose. A vague awareness that, eventually, it will, probably, make the ocean.
Running a business can become like that – as therapists whilst each client is unique, there is a sense of a continuum of activity that repeats, day in and day out.
📅 Until March 2020.
When, to use the river metaphor, we hit a whole new world and tumbled down the waterfall.
I’ve used a picture of Niagara Falls – and I remember hearing about the characters who over the years have thrown themselves over the falls in a wooden barrel for a challenge.
Therapy business-wise, perhaps you feel that you’ve been over Niagara falls – bruised, battered, disorientated and tender in places?
You’ve popped up after the initial weeks of restriction not quite sure where you are going, anxious about your clients and income.
Yes? – I’ve felt this too. And when I felt this, I go back to one of the first things I learnt about business development. Review, or ReView – looking at things again.
Now is the time to revisit your business purpose – your Big Why – use the chaos, the unknown future to reconsider your business.
And whilst we’re in the midst of uncertain and unstable times, that can feel like just one more thing to make us anxious.
If we ask for support, this review of our business can be reaffirming and positive, and help us feel more under control for our future!
Trust me – it works – I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times.
I’ve created a checklist for you to use to review your business, and I’ll pop the details at the end of this post.
After checking in with your business purpose, the next step is to update (or create) your Vision – business, family, the whole of life.
Without a vision – and as I suggest, a Vision Board is just so powerful – we can flounder for direction, we can spend too much time making decisions – should I do this course, buy this software, because we are not clear on exactly how our business looks. With a business Vision, decision making is easy – does this fit my vision – yes/no. Simples.
If your business has changed beyond recognition, then your old Business Plans are no longer relevant – now’s the time to prepare your solid business foundations for your therapy practice.
Are there might be costs we can lose – premises or a particular advert for example. Is there a brand new income source and we just need to work out how to attract clients.
And doing this exercise with someone else – like therapy or supervision – helps us gain different perspectives.
We’ve all had a shock and for many our therapy practice looks very different. I want to help you have the private practice you want so that you can survive to help your clients thrive!
🙂 It’s kind of like Mrs Hinch’ing your therapy business.
(Thanks to Heatworld for the picture).
I’d not been aware of Mrs Hinch until the restrictions when I found myself looking at videos and posts of homemaking tips . . . I will admit I was a reluctant follower because she seems to be obssessed with Zoflora and it’s not my favourite disinfectant I can tell you.
What Mrs Hinch does is share simple, everyday things we have in our home, tools and tips to help us feel better about our homes. She has an energy and style that means you can’t help be drawn in.
I’m absolutely not Mrs Hinch, however her mantra of using what’s to hand to make things better – absolutely.
Knowing what your business needs to look like, knowing the right tools to get it there, and keep it there, easily and smoothly so that you have the work life balance you want.
That’s what Mrs Hinch’ing your therapy business means.
Take a step back and checkout for a while, let me help you find or create your vision.
Give your business a check-up, then look at what you could do differently.
Sometimes it feels like we’re chasing for clients – we need to attract our right clients and part of how we do that is starting with our clear vision.
Does it feel like you are up against a brick wall?
Right now, our businesses may look very different to last year – which may be temporary – or not.
By reviewing your business now, you can make any changes you need to, to give you the life you want.
Click here to get my free checklist to help you start reviewing and ReVisioning your Therapy Business and
I’ll be going live to talk some more about this at 3:00pm. No Mrs Hinch impressions and definitely no Zoflora*.
*👵 perfumed disinfectant my Gran used liberally . . . . .

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