Vanity Awards


I’ve just received an email telling me that I am Best Marriage & Relationship Counsellor 2019, funny that as I don’t advertise or tend to work with couples – although I can see that as a good therapist the relationship I have with my clients is key.

This is unsolicited and I have not been nominated by, or voted for by my clients – who I would think would be best placed to give me that accolade . . .

or perhaps my Supervisor – and it’s not them.

Year after year I get these ‘awards’. They are nothing but a money generation scheme used by, in this case, the awards coordinator at

I am invited to spend from £295 for a plaque or crystal trophy to £3750 (all plus VAT and P&P) to celebrate my award.

I have been nominated for business awards, which was at no cost to me.

This practise, I found is known as a Vanity Award in America, makes me really cross because if we are new to business we could get drawn in to spending our hard earned marketing budget on a worthless trophy.

Please don’t and rant over

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