Why now is a good time to start in Private Practice

Why now is a good time to start a Counselling Private Practice

Between reading ‘We’re on the edge of a tsunami of mental illness’ on BBC news

and from the Nursing Standard  ‘Covid 19 is “not a mental health crisis” healthcare experts warn’

it can be hard to get any sense of what the reality is.

There is reported increase in anxiety, depression, grief and compulsive behaviours. Which can be examples of mental wellness according to the RCN – normal responses to abnormal events.

The RCN goes on to write that by labelling it a mental health crisis, we might be looking for answers in the wrong place, including medication or professional help, when what’s needed is understanding that these could be signs of our enhanced connection with our situation.

I think the RCN is partly correct – it’s important not to medicalise the healthy body and mind response to frightening situations. However I do believe that professional help, in the form of Counselling and Psychotherapy, is part of the toolkit to help people heal.

When the time is right, and at the right pace for each person.

I believe we are entering a time of unprecedented need for Counselling and Psychotherapy services.

These media stories got me thinking about how we can best deal with this challenge. And, being a Counsellor and being passionate about the effectiveness of counselling, surely one part of the solution is more counselling capacity.

Which means that for qualified therapists, now is a good time to start in Private practice . . .  however – therapists need to be ‘ready’.

Starting in Private Practice now, without being ready, could load more anxiety and frustration on to an already tricky time.

How to know if you’re ready? Here are my thoughts on the 4 things to consider when deciding if you’re ready for Private Practice.

  • Sufficient personal therapy
  • Suitable Supervision
  • Business Support
  • Money Mindset

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